OutSystems is a modern application platform that lets you develop very responsive applications that integrate easily with existing systems.

What does this mean?


The OutSystems platform is based on low code. This means that you need little programming knowledge to be able to build an application yourself. This certainly applies to the development of standard applications. With just a few clicks you can quickly design a screen. But most applications are not standard. OutSystems offers professionals an easy way to deliver applications visually and quickly. Because of this visual programming, it is easy for development and business to work together for fast delivery of software with added business value.

Short lead time

One of the biggest cornerstones of OutSystems is the very short development lead time. Visual programming allows you as a developer to create a functioning application in a very short time. In the past one might needed seven programmers for seven months to deliver an application for one of our customers, whereas it now costs only one and a half months with two OutSystems developers!



In an era where smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are used by everyone, it is important that a (web) application is fully integrated in all these media. An application must be properly represented on these different media. OutSystems offers standard designs that are fully responsive. Making an application responsive has never been easier! You can moreover choose to create your own mobile apps for Android or iOS. With Outsystems 10 it is now also possible to easily develop native apps.

Integration with existing systems

OutSystems takes existing situations into account where systems are fully integrated into business environments. It is not easy to switch directly and fully to a new development environment. This is why the platform is built in such a way that it is flexible to integrate into existing environments. For example, OutSystems can be used as a front end to communicate with existing back end systems. This makes it easy to renew without transforming the existing systems. OutSystems also offers interfaces to frequently used programs and systems such as SAP and Active Directory.

Security and error sensitivity

OutSystems has a built-in security. At a time when hackers are lurking to spot potential back doors, security plays a crucial role. Many developers want to deliver functioning applications Safety can be overlooked in this process. Because security is fully integrated within OutSystems, potential leaks are prevented. Of course, security still needs to be considered. But with this integration, the first risks are avoided.

Developing with OutSystems simultaneously means that code is delivered free of errors. One of the possible entries for hackers are bugs that are left out in the open (or google). The platform forces the developer to generate code without errors. With incorrect code it is simply not possible to publish the code.



These visual toolsets are optimalised for certain aspects of the development lifecycle and for developing together in a team. All builder components integrate with own developed components and code created in Service Studio.

  • Workflow Builder makes it possible to visualize complex business processes and to automate workflow based applications.
  • Experience Builder let the developer create rapidly a prototype from mobile apps which are using common patterns and flows to turn these in production ready apps.
  • Integratie Builder decreases the complexity on expanding existing company critical systems, like SAP and Salesforce. It also helps to implement integrations fast and easily where these are also safe and scalable.

With the AI Assist the development is automated, guided and validated during the lifecycle of the application.

Check the PDF-document for the description from more features.

Want to know more on technical debt? Check the page how the OutSystems Platform helps with Technical debt.

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