ADA ICT streamlines DevOps with Continuous Quality Assurance

ADA helps organizations to produce software in short cycles, by building, testing and releasing quickly and at high frequency. As a result, organizations, by use of smart technologies coupled with the knowledge and skills of our consultants, will be able to quickly realize new business initiatives, make a significant contribution in the value chain and thus strengthen the distinctive character in the market.

These are the pillars of ADA’s Continuous Quality Assurance concept:


A solid architecture is crucial for the creation, expansion and maintenance of complex, software-intensive systems. However, the traditional architecture process is top-heavy and often time-consuming or even bureaucratic. The emergence of Agile opens a unique possibility to set up a more effective architecture process, resulting in an Agile architecture.

Ada guarantees a solid application architecture with an eye for the existing application landscape, so that the new applications will form an integrated entity in this landscape.


ADA ICT develops business applications (web and mobile), using the technology of the # 1 Low Code platform from OutSystems or .Net. We realize this on the basis of Agile Scrum and if useful, prior to this, Design Thinking workshops. We can speed up the software development process by a factor of 5 through a radically different build and change process.

ADA ICT has now been a Business Partner of OutSystems for more than 13 years and has built up a lot of knowledge and expertise around the OutSystems Platform. We have extensive Agile Delivery teams; composed of experienced OutSystems consultants and Agile Scrum coaches for optimal results.

Automated testing

For continuous delivery, it is of great importance to also test continuously. The test results must be quickly available to the developers so that errors can be fixed immediately. This is even more the case if the software is already released and in production.

For a smooth continuous delivery test automation is then the only right option, because the high speed of development means that manual writing of test scenarios is guaranteed to become a bottleneck.

With automated testing, efficiency benefits are achieved and also more insight into all test cases, whereby the business is supported by a good insight into the quality of the testing. Organizations can perform more tests and maintain test cases more easily, partly due to the use of a visual language, the dependency on developers will decrease. Every part of the automated flows can be reused and shared with the different teams and projects.


Grip and control over your applications, in order to be able to manage these and have good insight into what is possible and especially to know what is not possible. To gain this insight, it is important to know what is happening in the source code.

Source code analysis results help to improve processes, projects and business operations. By timely and continuously performing source code analysis, you reduce your maintenance costs, development costs and work on a flexible and future-oriented business. Risks (including security) are put into perspective, we make things visible that are currently invisible.

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