By the years of experience ADA is able to help organisation in their transition to become (more) agile. Agile coaches, perseverance, pragmatical and personal approach are key to success.

connecting people


How agile is your organisation? With the rapid changes in the market and technology, you as an organisation want to be able to respond to these changes. Young employees also bring new ideas, developments and way of working to your organisation. Our Agile coaches are able to help you; in the transition we pay attention to individuals, teams, management and of course the organisation itself.

Personal approach
Respect for each other and for the things as they are

Pay attention to the transition

Scrum, Spotify, SAFe; what do I choose?

We look forward to help you with which framework / model fits best for your organisation. We are not afraid to combine best practices from the various frameworks / models to create an optimal framework for your organisation. We always stay as close as possible to the Agile values and principles.

Pay attention to corporate culture
Personal approach

Custom made
Make progress

briliant ideas

Business support

To what extend is your business connected? Within many companies Agile is driven by IT. The business experiences this as if the are forced to hook on. Based on ‘seeing is believing’ we help the organisation in the transition and to gain support.

Product owners
Project leaders/managers

Middle management

Want to know more?

A tailor made answer? Please contact me without any obligations. I am happy to inform you on our coaching possibilities.

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