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A picture is worth a thousand words! Especially with a platform like OutSystems that lets you experience a new dimension of visual development.

To gain more insight into OutSystems, we have collected a number of videos that provide more insights into the platform.

The videos explain various topics. This way you will find out what OutSystems is, the possibilities of the platform and how you can rapidly develop beautiful applications to deliver business value.

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  • When X Marks the Spot in Data Visualization 20 January 2021
    For the human brain, it's easier to understand messages, concepts, and data when they're presented visually. From the origins of cartography to modern-day map-making, data visualization for locations has come a long way.
  • The Tech Challenge of Moving From Relational to Non-Relational Databases 19 January 2021
    By the time of OutSystems 11, not all major browsers supported a relational database, and developers used the browser to build, test, and distribute mobile applications. So, it was essential to come up with an alternative that still allowed to store significant amounts of structured data. This post will help you understand how OutSystems supports […]
  • Top 5 Benefits of Low-Code 18 January 2021
    Today, more than 200 vendors claimed they offered low-code. But do they really? In this post, discover the benefits of low-code and who can deliver them.
  • Customers Win From Better Tech for Frontline Staff 14 January 2021
    The demands of modern business require frontline workers to be able to do more ‘in the field’ as business technology leaders discover this benefits the customer, the employee, and the organization. In this blog post, writer, editor, and moderator Mark Chillingworth sits down with leaders from the energy, shipping, and student services industries to discuss […]
  • The User Testing Fairy Tale: There Are Two Sides to Every Story 14 January 2021
    Once upon a time, a product manager and a UX researcher joined forces for a user testing fairy tale with a truly happy ending: a usability boost in Experience Builder.

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