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A picture is worth a thousand words! Especially with a platform like OutSystems that lets you experience a new dimension of visual development.

To gain more insight into OutSystems, we have collected a number of videos that provide more insights into the platform.

The videos explain various topics. This way you will find out what OutSystems is, the possibilities of the platform and how you can rapidly develop beautiful applications to deliver business value.

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  • Low-Code vs. No-Code: What’s the Real Difference August 20, 2019
    To low-code or no-code? That is the question. Learn the differences between the two and which is better for enterprise applications in this post.
  • OutSystems UI: A Design System Foundation August 19, 2019
    We're familiar with OutSystems UI, but what about the story behind it? How did we plan a framework that meets your users' needs? What were the choices along the way, and how does a UI framework serve as a launchpad for your next design system? Read all about it in this blog post.
  • Untitled August 16, 2019
    What is it that makes cloud computing so appealing for the healthcare industry? Discover the 6 reasons why in this blog post.
  • Untitled August 9, 2019
    Miguel Ventura introduces us to Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) in this second blog post of a straightforward series that introduces us all to neural networks. GNNs are a class of neural networks that process data represented in graphs (flexible structures comprised of nodes connected by edges). GNNs, in the context of deep learning, bring us […]
  • How to Implement HTTP Status Codes When Exposing a REST API in OutSystems August 9, 2019
    You’ve just built an API to extend the power of your OutSystems app. Now, it’s time to implement the HTTP status code. Learn how to do it in this blog post.

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