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A picture is worth a thousand words! Especially with a platform like OutSystems that lets you experience a new dimension of visual development.

To gain more insight into OutSystems, we have collected a number of videos that provide more insights into the platform.

The videos explain various topics. This way you will find out what OutSystems is, the possibilities of the platform and how you can rapidly develop beautiful applications to deliver business value.

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  • Introducing the Case Management Framework: Case Management Apps Made Easy 19 October 2020
    By now, you might have heard about the OutSystems Case Management Framework. Check it out this article to learn all the technical juice behind it and get ready to start building custom-fit business processes and case management apps incredibly fast.
  • You Can't Have Fast Development<br/>without Fast QA 15 October 2020
    In a recent survey of 2200 IT professionals, testing and quality assurance were named one of the top challenges that slow down app development. Sounds familiar? Read this blog post to learn a new approach to testing OutSystems apps that will help you accelerate your QA efforts and your overall delivery strategy.
  • 3 Ways to Close the Gender Gap in Tech 14 October 2020
    In a new episode of the Decoded podcast, Joey Rosenberg, Chief Leadership Officer at Women Who Code, discusses building an inclusive culture for women in tech.
  • Plan, Build and Evolve Your Chatbot With Chatbot Configurator 13 October 2020
    Introducing Chatbot Configurator, a highly automated tool that allows you to get a working chatbot and integrate it into your apps in minutes.
  • Rapid Application Development: <br/>Why RAD and Why Now 9 October 2020
    Is rapid application development right for every project? That's what we'll clear out in this blog post. Learn what is RAD, when you should use it, and the tools you need to implement it in your organization. 

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