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Maintenance and Support (MAS)

MAS is the maintenance service of ADA; support for the complete application developed using the OutSystems Platform. MAS has two “Services Windows”, namely: the “Office” version for support during office hours and the “All-round” version for companies that want full-continuous support. MAS has a MaaS model and can be canceled on a monthly basis. The contribution is determined on the basis of the number of Application Objects used.

5 reasons for a MAS license


Embed quality

Every application that is being maintained is tested in advance for various quality aspects, such as: architecture, infrastructure, and naming conventions. ADA helps you to embed these aspects in your organization.


Stimulate innovation

Every hour that you do not have to spend on application maintenance can be used for innovation. However, maintenance is inevitable. Therefore outsource your application maintenance and maintain focus on your core business.


Optimize continuity

Car maintenance prevents breakdowns on the road. An MOT test is the most normal business for road traffic. Do you know what the risks are when it comes to your business? When concluding a “MAS 24 x 7” contract, we are available 24 hours a day to assist you in the event of an emergency.

Cost control

Maintenance extends the “life time” of your software. Every extended year is pure profit for software as a business asset. The MAS contract is a subscription with a fixed monthly amount and can also be canceled on a monthly basis.


Return on investment

By taking a Maintenance and Support subscription your software investment is directly guaranteed.

The 5 Steps for securing your software investment


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