The potential of smart IT is also taking its place in logistics. Digitizing the chain ensures that companies quickly gain insight into the status of distribution processes and that planners can intervene quickly. We are happy to help you connect critical data and information in your supply chain.

  • Unlocks control information
  • Faster adjustment
  • You transport data
  • Use the knowledge in your chain

supply chain visibility

ADA sees the Supply Chain as a strategic instrument. We are happy to help you to make a difference in this sector. That is precisely the power of custom software. The core of what we do is to make complex supply chains transparent so that our customers can respond flexibly to deviations in the process.

  • Working together in the chain
  • Simplify your Supply Chain
  • Monitor your chain
  • Visualize information

control the chain

As a logistics service provider you want a predictable, visual and agile chain. Optimal control and grip. At this cutting edge we have developed smart applications. Our strength is connecting people, processes, IT and management. With co-creation we innovate your business.

  • Supply Chain systems
  • Control Room applications
  • Dashboarding and Analytics
  • Geo Intelligence

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