No-code changes everything

Test automation has never been more critical. No-code test automation does more than speed up your release cycle, it empowers non-developers to automate tests with ease so your entire organization can benefit from automation – immediately.


Easy to learn

With the fastest learning curve on the market, you can build your first automated test case in minutes.

Low maintenance

Reusability is built in, so you can reduce the burden on your QA team and minimize your bottlenecks.

Reliable & secure

Intuitive, powerful, and infinitely secure. An enterprise-grade solution that works across all technologies.

Rapid value creation

Low implementation costs and ease of use means you can quickly boost productivity and reduce risk.

Why choose for Leapwork?

97 % Efficiency gains

An average of 40 mins testing down from 3 days

80 % Faster testing

An immediate reduction in time spent testing

8 x Faster automation design

Compared to other automation platforms

1 week to achieve value creation

Immediately benefit from automation

Experience the value of test automation, immediately

Test automation empowers QA teams to become more productive while lowering costs, reducing risk, and improving product quality. And with LEAPWORK’s no-code automation platform, you can reach this point now, rather than later.

About Wistia
  • Build automated tests in minutes
  • Remove the maintenance burden
  • Scale quickly for maximum coverage

Say goodbye to developer dependency and flow through your bottlenecks

The universal visual language of flowcharts, rather than scripts, lies at the heart of LEAPWORK’s no-code automation platform. You don’t need knowledge of programming languages to design and build even the most complex automated test cases.

With the barrier of developer dependency removed, you can match the pace of the release cycle, improve productivity, minimize risk, and reduce the pressure on your team—immediately.

Easy to use

We’ve taken code out of the equation, so you can rollout and benefit from automation faster than ever before. With simple, visual building blocks, you can create anything—from complex, end-to-end test cases to data-driven, cross-technology flows—with ease.

About Wistia
  • Test processes end-to-end across technologies, easily
  • Fast troubleshooting with intuitive reporting tools
  • Straightforward integration with your CI/CD pipeline

Easy to maintain

Capabilities that ensure low maintenance are built in, and with automation that’s set up as flowcharts instead of lines of code, you always have a clear overview with LEAPWORK.

  • Create subflows once, then re-use them across multiple cases
  • Traffic light reporting for immediate visibility of failed tests
  • Step-by-step visual recording to pinpoint precisely where a test has failed

Built for enterprises

Built on the most robust technologies, LEAPWORK is the ideal solution for achieving maximum test automation coverage across your enterprise.

  • Powerful and intuitive management features
  • Advanced access control and encrypted database storage
  • A no-code UI for easy collaboration across teams


With ADA ICT you optimize the coordination of the Agile Scrum development process with the test processes and you reduce the increasing pressure to roll out well-functioning software on an increasingly regular basis. Continuous Testing (CT) is a fundamental process for Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI).

With ADA ICT you streamline your DevOps working method, partly through a total package for quality and automated testing of your applications.

The Leapwork Expert services that ADA ICT can offer includes:

  • Consultancy (re) design test process
  • Consultancy Architecture & Design Leapwork
  • Implementation support
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Update support
  • Remote Test capacity

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