Builders. Ideators. Innovators. Employees with ideas for improvement.
Employees who want to renew the company from the inside. People who have the guts to see and discover opportunities. We are increasingly encountering this type of customer. They see IT as a building block to innovate the company!

  • Facilitate Social Innovation
  • Unique co-creation approach
  • Use your internal/existing knowledge
  • Involve your Gamechangers


Do you want to work smarter with the power of IT? Are you looking for internal ambassadors for your ‘big idea’? We are happy to help you to make your idea concrete. Together we work towards a first tangible form: a Proof of Concept. This brings your idea to life and together we progress step by step.

  • Try out your idea!
  • Make results tangible
  • Visualize your Solution
  • Create ambassadors of your idea
connecting people

your idea to life

“ADA is the nimble ship in the midst of the cumbersome ships.” “ADA conjures up the rabbit!” (PostNL) In other words: we do not turn our hand around complex and dynamic challenges. We are open to your problems and ideas. It is the inspiration that brings us together!

  • What is your idea?
  • Differentiate your company!
  • Build your Digital Enterprise
  • Together one step further

Want to know more?

A tailor made answer? Please contact me without any obligations. I am happy to inform you on our Innovation services.

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Ronald Barrow
Managing Partner
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