Business Process Optimization


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Create a data driven culture and increase productivity!

Ensuring application success starts with getting the RIGHT data to understand what drives user actions and productivity. Understand user actions across all platforms spanning web and mobile applications, legacy systems, chat bots, and more. Digital transformation relies on an enterprise’s ability to define a digitization strategy and implement a set of workflows to achieve its stated goals.

The Platform is a SaaS based platform that delivers Low-Code Usage Analytics and Business Process of Optimization for Mobile, Web, and Chat Applications to increase user productivity, adoption, and ROI of projects. The Platform provides management and product teams with the tools and methodologies to effectively measure and achieve digitization goals.

Process information and usage insights are made available to maximize workflow efficiency and productivity, both for OutSystems and the most popular low-code and no-code application platforms applications. In total, more than 20 platforms are supported.

The automated insights make a significant contribution to improving business outcomes by exposing data to improve adoption, productivity, and process optimization. The SaaS-based platform measures application business goals by automating process mapping, activity nodes, identifying process bottlenecks and revealing the need for UX/UI improvements.

Automated Process Maps And Hotspot Detection

Auto discover end-to-end business processes and identify inefficient workflows, process bottlenecks and blockers to getting work done. Understand how different users interact with applications to execute workflows and improve them to maximize business impact.

Improve applications by AI-driven Product Analytics

The Platform lets product teams ask the right questions and discover insights even when it’s not clear what questions should be asked. Automatically unlock the insights to optimize user journeys, maximize productivity, and address adoption challenges. These key insights unlock the ability to enhance user experiences and business value at the task level and across the end-to-end business process.

Discover The KPIs That Matter

Business Processes need to be rolled out quickly to stay competitive. The challenge of the modern enterprise is to ensure efficient orchestration of Business Processes while ensuring productivity at each stage of the process.

The business process optimization features focus on measuring and ensuring applications are driving towards success of the business goals. The Platform automatically maps business processes and identifies the key KPIs that drive success as well as the inefficiencies in the overall end-to-end process.

Platform benefits

  • Increase productivity and efficiency of all users & reduce cost
  • Metrics that align with enterprise goals
  • Cross application conversion funnels identify leaks in processes & user journeys
  • Ad hoc query builder provides multi-dimensional pivot tables & data analysis
  • Role based dashboards monitors business progress for management, product & IT teams
  • Automated process maps with activity hotspots & bottleneck detection
  • AI driven automated insights answer questions you did not think to ask
  • Insights to prioritize application development projects
  • Accelerate user adoption
  • Justification to modernize legacy applications
  • Ensure audit & compliance

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