BI and Analytics are becoming increasingly important for your organization. How do you translate data into control information? How to determine on a mass of data where your organization should focus on? How do you make solid choices that strengthen your business? With Analytics we help you to predict and to choose.

  • Look into the future
  • Enlighten you BI strategy
  • Visualize control information / KPI’s
  • The big picture

future ahead

Where BI is about collecting, correcting and reporting on data, Analytics goes further by recognizing patterns and making predictions. Where is the added value for your organization when it comes to (big) data analytics? We are happy to help you gain more insight into the future!

  • Data Visualisation
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Performance Management
  • Reporting and Dashboards


Why are we different? Our strength lies in the transformation of complex data sources into simple information. Your big data goes into our ‘ADA Machine’ and we provide you with the steering information that you need. Co-creation also means that your colleagues are more engaged with strategic steering factors.

  • Supply Chain Forecasting
  • Innovative Databuffet
  • Data Storytelling
  • Dashboard, Web, Tablet, Mobile

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